Fields of Competence

Help in times of crisis
Tax advisers often seek the support of lawyers with the purpose of helping their clients avoid situations of crisis. A central objective is the avoidance of insolvency and its consequences (e.g. penalties attaching to delays in filing for insolvency). Alternatively, if insolvency cannot be prevented, it may be necessary to settle the company’s debts and restructure the enterprise. There is always a solution! We have been able to avoid insolvency in many cases through the implementation of agreements with the major creditors to allow a liquidation of the enterprise.
Acquisition as a team effort
Tax advisers often wish to have professional legal advice in respect of the design of an acqui-sition agreement. They also benefit from having an additional negotiator on their side. The part of the enterprise intended for sale or corporate succession must be restructured in a tax neutral manner before the sale or the succession. In the past 25 years we have provided our assistance to an extensive number of M&A projects. Bilingual negotiations and draft contracts are no problem for us. Our lawyers speak German, English, French, Spanish, Greek and Polish fluently.

We believe in negotiating at eye level and acting carefully.
Corporate succession – a joint challenge
Tax advisers face their greatest challenge when restructuring the corporate succession of an enterprise. As advisors for tax advisors we are able to combine our competencies in the areas of family law and the law of succession as well as in company and tax law. We are capable of developing liquidity-ensuring and tax-saving concepts for corporate succession. We not only help to alleviate the conflict potential between two generations, we also help to find the right successor.
Divide et Impera – Family businesses
The senior party wants to secure the family’s funds and the financial supply for his family. Together with the tax advisor we design an asset administrating or commercially orientated partnership company or even a take-over-proof foundation, if necessary.
How can the fixed assets be outsourced or separated without liability? How can the immediate disbursement of fixed assets be operated? How is a tax-neutral commutation possible? Do you prefer the forward-looking and prestigious way of the Societas Europaea (European Company on shares)? Whatever your interests are, we will find a creative way towards a solution.
The entrepreneur’s will – acting in the family’s interests
Tax advisers not only want to find the optimum solution tax-wise. They also seek to find a safe way to design the anticipated succession (e.g. beneficial interest, land charges, outsourc-ing or separation of independent business units, and asset-securing rights of revocation). In-ternal conflicts and liquidity issues caused by succession represent a permanent danger. Yet, they can be avoided.

We aim to build an adviser-client relationship that lasts over generations.
Seminars and presentations
Professional legal assistance is a matter of core competencies, practical experience, and the communication and presentation of solutions. Well-designed presentations (e.g. with Power Point) support and structure seminars and negotiations.