The Concept of Partnership – Lawyers and Tax Advisers Hand-in-Hand

The Concept of Partnership stands for the excellent provision of legal services enabled by the co-operation of lawyers and tax advisers.

Despite what people are saying, the amount of legislation is increasing
There is hardly a piece of legislation which does not influence the practice of lawyers and tax advisers. Recent legislative reforms under the German jurisdiction, such as the reform of company taxation; the new legislation on estate taxation; and the far-reaching reform of the German “Limited Liability Company”, the so-called “Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung; GmbH”, represent only a few of the many examples which illustrate the need for interdiscip-linary support between both lawyers and tax advisers. At Dr. Schulte, Prof. Schönrath & Schmid, we offer such interdisciplinary services to our clients.
Only this joint competence…
enables the optimal legal assistance for clients. It is imperative that any contract for the acqui-sition of a company, any reorganization, or any corporate succession is handled by lawyers with experience in both tax and legal frameworks.
We are independent advisers of tax advisers…
and of their clients. We offer legal assistance in situations which demand more than just a sound knowledge in tax.
This Concept of Partnership…
directs its co-operative approach towards medium-sized businesses in particular.
Our lawyers speak the following six European languages fluently:
German, English, French, Greek, Spanish and Polish.
The advisers within our team include highly experienced legal practitioners as well as legal researchers and legal educators.
Our competencies in the fields of trade and company law have been proved not only in prac-tice, but also through numerous publications. We have extensive experience in legal education, working both as examiners and trainers for the bar association and the legal examination authorities.